RDP (Research Design Publish)
is a critical design elective involving 14 students from the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art.
Join us on the 19th of March for our Symposium. Photos of the exhibition here.

Lorenzo Pradelli

Libraries of Books that Haven’t Yet Been Printed

Daniel Nørregaard

Pictures Printed
on Frontpages

Hannah Ellis

Cooperation + Time = Equity + Learning

Joseph Townshend

Conspicuous Construction

Monika Bansal

What We Will Serve You Now

Lucy Timm

Feed of Horrors

Ted Yoon

Decoding the Statues of Dictators

Rory Gleeson

Human Furry Animals

Joana Pestana

Urban Landscape Colours Under Preservation

Stella Malfilâtre

The Girl Gang State of Mind

James Sanderson

Four Years After the Riots

Adam-Paul Waldron

Suspicious Looking Moon

Lara Al-Hadeedi

From Witch to Bitch

Kristoffer Larberg

Staging the new Urban Idyll